What is Shared admin services? And how can that help my business?


While, we do offer many services to any size company, shared admin services are designed for small businesses in Alberta.



Pooling and sharing services with other small businesses gives your company access to qualified staff when you need it. Customized for your requirements to provide the best competitive advantage without sacraficing the expertise of full-time staff. Public agencies are realizing massive cost savings by utilizing shared services, why shouldn’t you.



We offer shared services only for small businesses in Alberta. We understand the challenges of your business and the requirements of your customers, we developed a solution that we believe will work for you and us.



There is no contract or obligation on your part. Hire us once, many times, or ongoing. It is up to you.



Let us help you with: Data Entry, CRM Management, Research, Expenses, Document Processing, Billing, A/R & A/P, Employee benefits program management, Scheduling, Compliance / Contractor Management, and more. Something not listed? Contact us, we will find a solution for you.






If you’re looking for more expertise for project management, ISO certification assistance, or general business consultation, check out our other Services.