Terms of Service

No other terms are accepted or incorporated herein, unless agreed to in writing. These terms do not overrule the general rule of law, and in no way is Exodia Consulting, its owners, employees, or associates, waiving any rights provided under the law of the country of Canada or any of its jurisdictions.

All hours are based on work performed Monday to Friday 7 am to 5pm, maximum 8 hours per day. In-office blocks are defined as Morning (7am to 11am) or (Afternoon 1pm to 5pm), unless otherwise agreed to in writing or if full day is required. Overtime rates will be negotiated at time of request. Travel time charges will begin after first 30 mins of travel time or 25 km’s distance, which ever occurs first, or unless otherwise stated. Travel time will be charged at $25 per hour plus mileage and expenses.

Deliverables are as listed, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Limited to the information received. We shall not be responsible for information not provided and/or received, by error, omission, or otherwise. All documents will be provided to you for review prior to finalization and issue. Additions, deletions, errors, will be corrected at additional costs, unless the error is the sole fault of Exodia Consulting.

Claims and warranty are limited to corrections by Exodia Consulting. At no time will information be issued outside of your organization without your expressed permission. Upon granted permission to distribute information on behalf of your company, it is assumed you have ensured all information is accurate and correct.

Any documents, process, procedure, layout, functionality, or other intellectual type properties, furnished by Exodia Consulting are not exclusive, and are owned by Exodia Consulting and will be fully utilized in ongoing business practices as generic templates. You are authorized as the end user to utilize all materials furnished by Exodia Consulting in the normal day to day business of your company/organization. At no time, has Exodia Consulting provided authorization for redistribution or sale of materials provided to you by Exodia Consulting. Development of exclusive proprietary material will be negotiated separately; the pricing and terms of this agreement do not cover and are not intended to cover development of exclusive material.

Your privacy is as important to us as our privacy. We will uphold your information in the strictest of confidence. You will uphold our information in the strictest of confidence. The privacy of the other party’s information excludes information already in the public domain. 

All office supplies are at your expense while performing work in your office location(s).

GST and other required taxes are not included in the rates provided and will be applied at time of invoice. Payment is due when services are rendered and upon receipt of invoice.

                Terms may change at anytime, without notice.

Privacy Policy


Exodia Consulting takes your privacy seriously. We take the necessary steps to keep your information private. Your private information is, considered to be, any information that is not already in the public domain.

From time to time, our clients may have interest in the same projects, companies, suppliers, or customers. We take great strides to ensure our clients portfolios are kept separated and secured locally. All dealings with Exodia Consulting are exclusive and not combined with any other client, unless expressly requested and written in writing by both parties.

Exodia consulting does not anticipate any conflict of interest. We are professionals who hold designations that enforce ethical performance or risk losing the designation. If there are any concerns of conflict of interest, please notify us immediately. It will be Exodia Consulting’s sole decision to whom it will continue to provide services.

Exodia client’s information will not be discussed, distributed, or provided to any requestor, unless the requestor is the client who owns the information. Non identifying information maybe used from time to time to perform industry analysis for the purposes of Exodia Consulting’s business planning activities. The results maybe published on Exodia Consulting Website and distributed for educational purposes. Non identifying information is, considered to be, information that does not identify the company, organization, or persons interests in any thereof.