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?Have you noticed the public sector sharing their internal value chain services?


?Have you noticed that large private organizations are beginning to do the same?


What we have NOT noticed is shared service support for private SME (small medium enterprise) organizations. Small businesses often suffer due to the lack of value chain support. Sometimes they are not able to pay $$$ for high quality support, or they do not have the work volume to require full-time support. Medium size businesses usually do have enough business volume to maintain qualified full-time staff for these supports. They can also benefit from the shared services model, and usually do if they have multiple office locations.


“See a need, fill a need”, a quote from the 2005 movie Robots.


Alberta Small Business is defined as 1 – 49 Employees.


Alberta has a unique distribution of small business by municipality. Some municipalities such as: Alberta Beach, Picture Butte, Onoway, for example are 100% small business. Whereas larger city’s such as Edmonton and Calgary are 94.7% and 95.0% small businesses. Areas like Morrin, Kananaskis, and Fort Mackay are 50% to 65.6% small business. In Alberta, 95.2% is the average of Small Businesses operating out of the 154,794 businesses in the province.  

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Focusing on Edmonton, small business development is trending in an upward direction. The annual change of 0.30%, has been steady year over year, with a reported increase of 0.53% in the last five years. (As of February 6, 2022, this paragraph )


Our mission is to support Alberta small and medium businesses with the high-quality value chain shared services which large, and public, organizations are leveraging to realize cost savings.


The immediate benefit to small business will be cost savings, higher levels of expertise, reliable, and lower staff turnover. The future vision is to create a network where we can pool resources, work together, and become a strong competitor on major projects.  


Exodia Consulting is now offering shared services for businesses in Alberta. Check out our website for more information and other services offered.

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