The Misunderstandings & Misinformation

Please keep an open mind, I am here to help. If you have additional questions, please feel free to send us an email at and we’ll be happy to respond.

I have been involved in process development for 20 years. Every job I have held since 2000 has benefited from my process experience. Simple improvements make huge differences. From working in education, hospitality, production, service industry, etc., small things such as organization, file structure, workflow, can greatly benefit your business if the process is right - for your business.

There is a misunderstanding out there which requires correcting. Your business does not fit into the process, the process fits your business. Yes, there are some things that you will have to modify to ensure the process is solid. A solid process ensures your a$$ets are covered and your customers are receiving consistent quality product (service is a product). If you are in business, you have a process.

The other misunderstanding is that once a process is in place there is no deviation, and it can never change. This is not true at all! Of course, there are going to be circumstances which don’t fit in the process, and you’ll have to think on the fly – that is business.  But when you think on the fly, you are going to have the tools based on your process to ensure everything goes smooth. Your decision making doesn’t alone align with your process, it aligns with your vision for the organization.

Some processes are built on deviations. Custom builders and suppliers are in a consistent process of deviation. Of course, at this point we call them customizations. You can only control so much in these circumstances, so don’t get to caught up on trying to make it fit a mold – it just won’t work. In these circumstances, a very broad example because we don’t have specifics, we would incorporate a process ensuring the materials used were consistent and proper, the processes used to assembly/disassembly/install meet external standards requirements, health and safety, safeguards people, equipment, and other structures. We would ensure the communications flow between processes/departments for a smooth transition from each stage as required, and of course that all tracking, traceability, and pricing details are captured. Essentially the process could state that the final product will perform to the specifications required by the customer. The customer signs off indicating it is true, and voila – a very unique process for customizations. (Disclaimer: this is very generic, there maybe additional items required for accreditation purposes. This cannot be determined without required information).

In an accredited system, these discrepancies are recorded as NCR’s (Non-Conformance Reports), this is not scary. These instances are recorded to monitor their frequency, one-off’s do not indicate the process needs to be revised, but when the frequency increases maybe the process needs to be revised.

The process is not the problem, the perception is the problem. The process is meant to help elevate your business to the next level. See our blog called How Process Elevates Your Business – coming soon.